Get Involved

In Your Local Area

Join one of the active community groups and projects in the Restore Hibiscus & Bays network.

Our network is working together to restore native habitats, improve the health of our streams and waterways, and  keep our backyards, shared spaces and reserves pest-free. Join us! For a taster, you can come along to one of our community events or working bees in the Restore Hibiscus & Bays Local Board area. To meet other environmentally-minded people in our community and learn more about our groups and projects and how to get involved, join us at our bimonthly networking hui. Everyone welcome!

Awaruku Stream Planting. Photo by Mary Stewart.

If you would like to help protect a local park or reserve or another public place that is special to you, which is not already covered by an existing project, please contact us at info@restorehb.org.nz. We can help set you up with tools, traps, bait and other equipment and provide training and guidance on how to work safely to achieve your goals.

We are also keen to support the formation of new neighbourhood predator clustors. These are groups of neighbours that help to set up, maintain and monitor predator control lines through their local area, especially in and around areas of ecological importance. Get in touch if you’d like to set up a predator control cluster in your neighbourhood by emailing predators@restorehb.org.nz

Please report all the volunteer hours you spend on a project, so we can keep track of your awesome work!

Successful possum catch by Friends of Long Bay. Photo by Mary Stewart.

Finally, we are currently taking expressions of interest from individuals and organisations keen to participate as volunteers for our catchment-scale predator eradication, stream restoration and pest plant control programmes. These programmes will include elements of citizen science, as we will need volunteers to help with environmental surveys such as predator monitoring, water quality testing and bird counts to help us assess our progress.