Pest Plant Control

Pest plants and pest trees are a major threat to our native ecology, so their removal is a key focus for our network. We provide funding, tools, resources and guidance to organisations, groups, and individuals wanting to undertake pest plant control on both public and private land. Please get in touch at pestplants@restorehb.org.nz.

We hope to raise awareness of the problems that pest plants cause, for both our environment and our health.

We are keen to help our communities to recognise, report, and remove pest plants and restore those areas back to a state of health. Please see our resource page for some useful guidance, downloadable brochures and links. 


We are seeking funding to enable us to place community bins in strategic locations throughout the Hibiscus & Bays area, so that community groups and individuals are easily able to dispose of regenerative parts or pest plants (i.e. seed pods, seed heads) for free. This will help to remove barriers to adequate disposal of weed waste, and help to minimise the spread of the pests to areas of native habitat. 

Picked moth plant pods. Photo by Mary Stewart.

We are also currently seeking funding to carry out catchment-scale eco-contractor work for removal of pest trees and pest plants within identified priority areas, such as specific reserves, riparian zones and along main roads. The intention is to make flagship roads and reserves free of pest plants and trees that are of the highest threat to our environment, in order to demonstrate what can be achieved and to inspire private landowners, Council, Auckland Transport and community groups to further pest plant and pest tree control work in other areas. 

If you or your organisation would like to sponsor our pest plant control programme, please email Rachael at manager@restorehb.org.nz to arrange a time to chat.