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The Hibiscus & Bays Local Board area stretches along the coastline from Waiwera in the north to Campbells Bay in the south, along the peninsula to Shakespear Regional Park and out into the Hauraki Gulf – Tīkapa Moana/Te Moana-nui-ā-Toi to Tiritiri Matangi. It encompasses 34 stream catchments bounded by hills from which water flows into streams and rivers and ultimately down to the Gulf. The boundaries of each of these stream catchments are shown on the map below. 

If there isn’t a current project in your area of interest or if you would like to add a project to the map, please get in touch at info@restorehb.org.nz. We would love to support you in whatever way we can.

Click on the project areas, highlighted with an orange outline, to see more information on the local community group or project working to protect and restore native wildlife and habitats in your area. 

Hibiscus Coast Forest & Bird and Pest Free Hibiscus Coast Centennial Park Bush Society & Campbells Bay Urban Sanctuary Bushglen Restoration Project Friends of Long Bay Geronitius Reserve Friends of Okura Bush (FoOB) Freyberg Park, Taiaotea Stream and Coastal Forest Community Restoration Waiwera Property Owners & Ratepayers Association (WAIPORA) Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi Inc. (SoTM) Shakespear Open Sanctuary Society Inc. (SoSSi) Rothesay Bay Stream Restoration Deep Creek Restoration Society Incorporated Northcross Intermediate and Bay City Park (Northcross Reserve) Pest Free Okura Dacre Cottage Woodridge Reserve Awaruku Reserve

Hibiscus Coast Forest & Bird and Pest Free Hibiscus Coast

The Hibiscus Coast Branch of Forest & Bird is involved in a range of community led conservation activities across the area. Karaka Cove, Raroa Reserve and Orewa Estuary are particular focus points for the branch as part of the North West Wildlink. The committee works with others to organise exhibitions, planting days and other events to engage the community in conservation.

Forest and Bird’s flagship conservation project in the area is Pest Free Hibiscus Coast (PFHC). Founded in 2014, it focuses on predator eradication across 3100ha of public and private land.

Community engagement is central to PFHC, and 80 trained volunteers maintain over 1200 traps and bait stations on parks and reserves. From 2019 the project has developed a plan to engage 1 in 4 households in backyard trapping, and residents are encouraged to join together with their neighbours to trap rats and possums.

You are invited to get involved with Forest & Bird and the Pest Free Hibiscus Coast Project, and there is a role for everyone, for example maintaining trap lines, bird surveys, fundraising, communications, helping with events and supporting backyard trapping.

Contact: Branch Co-Chairs Pauline Smith and Johno Wells

Contact: Pest Free Hibiscus Coast Project Manager Jenny Hanwell
Ph: 02041205512

Centennial Park Bush Society & Campbells Bay Urban Sanctuary

With a park at its heart, two streams, a beautiful beach and pockets of privately-owned native bush, Campbells Bay is already an urban wildlife haven. To help keep it that way, Centennial Park Bush Society founded CBUS — Campbells Bay Urban Sanctuary, a community environmental scheme designed to embrace the bay’s natural assets and help enhance, protect and promote them. CBUS is your chance to hop aboard and participate by eliminating weeds, improving water quality and planting natives.

Contact: Richard Hursthouse

Bushglen Restoration Project

Bushglen Reserve is home to three stands of rare endangered fragile swamp maire trees. This is the arguably the best example of swamp maire in the Auckland region, and the only one producing seeds to propagate, thus ensuring the future of the species.

Our volunteer group is working on clearing invasive weeds and predators from the reserve, creating tracks throughout and replanting native trees. We hope to begin creating better formed footpaths and steps in 2020/21.

Contact: Kathy McCormack
Ph: 021 612 105

Friends of Long Bay

Friends of Long Bay are a group of local volunteers who help to control pest animals and weeds and re-plant native plants in our local area. We offer support to neighbours to help to improve their properties to allow native animals and plants to thrive and create a beautiful and healthy place for us to live.

- We share our skills, tools and materials
- We lead workshops and educational activities
- We can help lead weeding bees with neighbours
- We can supply rat traps and lend possum traps
- We have volunteers that can help to trap rats and possums
- We can help to get native plants
- We can help to get contractor weed control funding for difficult work if required

Contact: Mary Stewart

Geronitius Reserve

We carry out predator and pest plant control in this small special reserve.  We offer support to neighbours that would like to carry out predator control, pest plant control or native planting on their properties.

Contact: Mary Stewart

Friends of Okura Bush (FoOB)

Predator control, pest plant control, minimising the spread of kauri dieback disease

Contact: Lezette Reid

Freyberg Park, Taiaotea Stream and Coastal Forest Community Restoration

Pest plant control and native planting, restoration of inanga spawning sites

Contact: Ben Sheeran

Waiwera Property Owners & Ratepayers Association (WAIPORA)

Predator control

Contact: Jos Johnson

Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi Inc. (SoTM)

Shakespear Open Sanctuary Society Inc. (SoSSi)

Predator control, plant nursery, maintenance of tracks and fences, making trap boxes and planting out, signage and interpretation, guided walks, hosting school and corporate groups.

Contact: Peter Jackson

Rothesay Bay Stream Restoration

Pest plant control and native planting, restoration of inanga spawning sites.

Contact: Ben Sheeran

Deep Creek Restoration Society Incorporated

The Society has been involved with obtaining environmental reports and consents for the removal of pest plants and  and replanting native trees and shrubs to attract native fauna. A floating pontoon for launching of craft from the reserve area is to be installed and is due to be operational in 2020.

Contact: Brian Mooney
Ph: 0211586681

Northcross Intermediate and Bay City Park (Northcross Reserve)

At Northcross Intermediate, the school works in partnership with Auckland Council, to provide pest plant control, pest eradication, and maintenance of tracks. We also have a native tree nursery where eco-sourced seeds are germinated and raised in preparation for planting to help regenerate the bush.  Students also gain environmental skills that they then pass on to visiting primary and intermediate students.

Contact: Kel Hartell

Pest Free Okura

In Okura, community-based programmes to remove introduced pests from reserve areas and private properties have grown extensively and now cover an area in excess of 100 hectares. To date it has proved to be incredibly successful. There has been a general increase in birdlife and a proliferation of regenerating native plants and trees. In conjunction with the Department of Conservation, we are planning to extend pest control into the area known as the Redvale Coastal Margin. Our objective is a pest free coastal margin which will eventually result in the return of bird species currently not present in the Okura River area.

Contact: John Warman
Ph: 021 688 053

Dacre Cottage

Preservation of historic building and esplanade

Contact: Andrew Mount

Woodridge Reserve

Predator control

Contact: John Railton

Awaruku Reserve

Predator control

Contact: Steve Pile